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Ktr Rotex Coupling

Rotex jaw type couplings are characterized by small dimensions, light weight and low mass moments of inertia yet transmit high torques. The running quality and service life of the coupling are improved by accurate all-over machining. Their application is ideal for transmitting torque while damping torsional vibrations and absorbing shocks produced by the uneven operation of certain prime movers. Rotex are torsionally flexible and designed for positive torque transmission, and they are fail-safe. Operational vibrations and shocks are efficiently dampened and reduced, and two congruent coupling halves with concave claws on the inside are peripherally offset in relation to one another by half a pitch. They are designed to enable an in-volute spider to be located between them. These couplings are capable of compensating for axial, radial and angular displacements of the shafts that are connected. The maximum torsion angle amounts to 5°, and they can be fitted both horizontally or vertically. The flexible teeth of Rotex products are subject to pressure only, and this gives the advantage of the individual teeth being ability to withstand considerably higher loads. The elastomer parts show deformation with excessive loads and speeds, so sufficient space for expansion should be given.

Gear Couplings

Gear Couplings
  • Gear Couplings
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Product Details:

Sizes 0100 - 107 mm
Pressure Contact 20 deg
Torque Capacity 72,450,000 in-lb (8,185,763 Nm)
Bore Capacity30 sizes
Material Steel, MS, Cast Iron, Graded Cast Iron, Alloy Steel, Aluminum
Color Metallic Silver
Finishing Powder Coated, Galvanised, Painted, Polishing, Black, Hot-Dip, Zinc Plated

Gear Couplings are torsionally rigid and are supplied to two designs – completely flexible and flexible/rigid. A completely flexible coupling comprises two hubs with an external gear and two outer sleeves with an internal gear. It's a universal coupling for all sorts of applications and accommodates all possible misalignments (angular, offset and combined) as well as large axial moments. Machines, bearings, seals, and shafts are therefore not subjected to the additional forces, sometimes of considerable magnitude, which arise from unavoidable misalignment usually associated with rigid shaft couplings.

A flexible/rigid coupling comprises one flexible geared half and one rigid half. It does not accommodate parallel displacement of shafts but does accommodate angular misalignment. This type of couplings is primarily used for "floating shaft" applications. This enables to accommodate up to 1,5° static angular misalignment per gear mesh. However, minimizing the operational misalignment will maximize the life of the coupling as well as the life of other mechanical components such as bearings etc.

Each sleeve flange is supplied with two pipe plugs 180° apart. This permits assembly of a full flex-coupling with four lubrication plugs positioned every 90° apart, to facilitate lubrication
Lock seal O-ring is fitted to the outer sleeve, to retain grease and exclude contaminants
A straight-faced tooth form is used for the sizes 108 to 300. They are designed to accommodate 0,5° misalignment per gear mesh. These sizes are also equipped with a removable end ring for ease of assembly and to allow inspection of the gear teeth. POLYETHYLENE additives grease is recommended in order to obtain maximum operating life.

Sier-Bath gear couplings are stocked in a wide assortment of configurations, which include C and F standard hubs and sleeves, Mill Motor hubs, Vertical style, Floating Shaft, and Spacer designs. ROTO DRIVE's superb engineering staff makes it possible to support many additional coupling types such as the Brake Drum type, Sliding Hub type, Shear Pin, Jordan type, and custom lengths for non-standard shaft separations. Additional size ranges and designs to meet unusual application requirements can also be manufactured by ROTO DRIVES INC. to meet market demands. The material can range from standard steel to alloy steel and even stainless steel. The exceptional simplicity of the ROTO FLEX GEAR coupling design makes this all possible.


  • Heavy-duty designs up to size 30.0
  • Shrouded bolt; Spacer designs
  • Floating shaft designs
  • Large flex hubs accommodate high-torque applications in space-limited installations
  • Slide gear
  • Shear Pin
  • Metal labyrinth seals
  • Made-to-order (MTO) custom designs
  • 13 models for general purpose, high-speed and high-torque applications
  • Up to 43 inches (1,067 mm)
  • 3-year, heavy-duty warranty


  • FGC 100
  • FGC 101
  • FGC 102
  • FGC 103
  • FGC 104
  • FGC 105
  • FGC 106
  • FGC 107
  • FGC 108
  • FGC 109
  • FGC 110
  • FGC 111
  • FGC 112
  • FGC 113
  • FGC 114
  • FGC 115


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Rotex Coupling

Rotex Coupling
  • Rotex Coupling
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Product Details:

GradeGR 7, GR 9, GR 14, GR 19, GR 24, GR 28, GR 38, GR 42, GR 48, GR 55, GR 60, GR 75, GR 90, GR 100, GR
Bore Sizes Up to 7.75 inches
Horse Power Range From 1 to 4500 HP
Assembly3 pcs design for blind assembly
MaterialSteel, Aluminum or CI

Rotex Coupling shaft couplings are the originally curved jaw coupling. Superior vibration dampening and torque transmission characteristics result in an excellent running quality and service life. ROTEX couplings are maintenance-free and can compensate for misalignment without exerting additional stresses to component shafts or the insert. ROTEX has become the standard choice among equipment manufacturers worldwide. ROTEX-GS is an economical, high-performance, zero-backlash shaft coupling that can be tuned to your system requirements with a simple change of spider. Precision machined from aluminum and steel, the couplings offer the benefits of the curved jaw design while providing backlash-free torque transmission. A variety of fastening designs make the ROTEX-GS the ideal coupling for today’s high-performance applications.


  • Machined concave jaw pockets
  • Urethane spider inserts
  • Zero backlash


GR 7, GR 9, GR 14, GR 19, GR 24, GR 28, GR 38, GR 42, GR 48, GR 55, GR 60, GR 75, GR 90, GR 100, GR 110, GR 125, GR 140, GR 180, GR 200, GR 220, GR 250.

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Gear Coupling

Gear Coupling
  • Gear Coupling
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Product Details:

Power Rating11.5 kW to 12700 kW
Speed100 rpm
Material Steel, MS, Cast Iron, Graded Cast Iron, Alloy Steel, Aluminum
Finishing Powder Coated, Galvanised, Painted, Polishing, Black, Hot-Dip, Zinc Plated
Color Metallic Silver

Paying optimum attention to the diverse requirements of our esteemed clients, we are offering them an excellent range of Gear Coupling. It is appreciated owing to its quality and optimum performance.


  • High Torque Ratings
  • Large Bore Capacity
  • Interchangeability
  • Better Fastener Design
  • High Misalignment Capacity
  • Improved Lubrication System

Other Details:

High Torque Ratings:

  • Our Gear coupling torque capacity exceeds the competition, and it allows smaller coupling size of increased service factor.

Large Bore Capacity:

  • Our Gear coupling can accommodate large shaft diameters for given particular size of coupling compared to the competition, in most instances. That means you can buy a smaller less expensive coupling and still get the proper rating for the equipment.


  • Our complete half coupling assemblies are interchangeable with any other half gear coupling with exposed bolt flange manufactured to replacement half couplings provide additional hub strength and lower gear mesh loads.

High Misalignment Capacity:

  • Our couplings are designed to accommodate a static misalignment of 1½º per gear mesh.
  • The recommended operating misalignment is limited to ¾º per gear mesh.
  • Axial moment of connected shafts is also accommodated in these couplings.

Lubrication System:

  • Significantly extended republication intervals
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Superior lubrication
  • Increased coupling life
  • The location & size lubrication holes in the sleeve ensure that adequate grease is available at the gear mesh, Where it is needed must fully molded seals positively lubricant and seal interior against foreign matter.
  • High mechanical flexibility-Curved tooth profile.
  • High compensation of angular, parallel and axial misalignment.
  • Seal carrier for easy maintenance
  • Carbon steel forged / cash hubs with hardened teeth
  • Range of 19 sizes
  • Variants of sheer pin, spacer, torsion shaft types are also available
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Resilient Grid Couplings

Resilient Grid Couplings
  • Resilient Grid Couplings
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Product Details:

Finishing Powder Coated, Galvanised, Painted
Material MS, SS, Alloy Steel, Carbon Steel
Type Grid Coupling
ColorBlack, Metallic Silver

We are offering Resilient Grid Couplings to our clients. Resilient Grid Couplings are fitted in tapered grooves.

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